About Liv

As an early childhood arts educator, Liv was either constantly "destroying" her clothing or schlepping around an apron in her purse every day. She was tirelessly searching for something that could take her straight from collage making with her five year old friends, to post-work drinks with her twenty five year old friends while looking like her disheveled look was well thought out, think shabby chic meets hip young 1970's art teacher. When her search kept ending with paint stained overalls, she took matters into her own hands and By Liv was born. By Liv is a 100% zero waste sustainable clothing line.
Each material used is recycled, down to the thread holding each garment together. Materials used consist of antique kitchen linens, blankets, bedsheets and other fabrics that may be deemed unusable with age. Liv's mission is to take these gorgeous, well loved textiles and give then a new lease on life by making them into beautiful garments that can be worn for any occasion, dressed up with shiny shoes and a sharp jacket or down with sandals and a picnic basket. Clothing should reflect experiences, it should show evidence of a full and exciting life, it should tell a story.
When you put on a By Liv garment, it's almost like you traveled back in time and you're five again. It's okay to wipe your cookie baking hands on the hem, go to the park and roll in the grass without a care, paint like Pollock, get caught in a rainstorm, climb a tree, if you tear it just bring it back to Liv, she will gladly patch it with some fabric scraps. You're just adding to the story.