About Liv

By Liv Handmade was born out of necessity in Liv's Greenpoint apartment during the Fall of 2020
As an Early Childhood Arts Educator, Liv struggled to find clothing that was classroom appropriate while also reflecting her personal style. Tired of bringing a change of clothes with here everywhere she went, Liv decided to take matters into her own hands. Liv's garment making journey began with a $2 flat sheet and a basic home sewing machine. After gaining recognition for her one of a kind creations Liv decided to put her teaching on pause to pursue a career in sustainable fashion design. After an immediate dissatisfaction with the state of the fashion industry, Liv once again took matters into her own hands.
Since then By Liv has grown to be so much more than a sustainable clothing line. 
By Liv is a shop-able studio storefront in Williamsburg Brooklyn, a community hub for the independent sustainable designers of New York City to congregate and pool resources, a twice yearly multidisciplinary runway showcase, a podcast, and a promise for the future of fashion to be filled with community, collaboration and creativity.
Each material used in our One of a Kind By Liv garments are recycled down to the thread. Materials consist of antique kitchen linens, curtains, blankets, bedsheets and other fabrics that may be deemed unusable with age. Liv's mission is to take these sage textiles and give then a new lease on life by transforming them into beautiful one of a kind garments that can be worn for any occasion.